Tasks tells the team what needs to be done and when. They can be organized into task lists and assigned to anyone on the project.

    Creating Tasks

    1 Open the Tasks tab in a project.
    2 Click +Add a Task.
    3 Enter a name.
    4 Set the (optional) details:
    • Description – tell others what the task is about.
    • Attachments – add files to the task.
    • Subscribers – choose who’ll be notified about updates.
    • Task List – move the task to another list.
    • Assignee – choose who’s responsible for completing the task.
    • Due On – set the date when the task has to be completed and the optinal start date.
    • Labels – show that the task is NEW, INPROGRESS, etc.
    • High priority – highlight the task on the list.
    5 Click Add Task to create the task.

    If you set an assignee and/or subscribers, they’ll get a notificationabout the new task in ActiveCollab and via email:

    Updating Tasks

    Open a task to see or edit the details.

    You’ll be able to:

    • Add subtasks to break the task down into smaller steps.
    • Leave a comment and notify everyone following this task.
    • Track time and expenses on this task (Team members only).
    • Set a reminder to send an email to someone about this task.
    • Change the label to show what stage the task is in.
    • Complete the task by clicking on the checkbox. This will remove it from the active tasks list. You can still view or restore it by opening Completed Tasks.
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