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    We do things a little bit differently. Instead of just asking for your requirements, going into our cave, and producing a design, we work with you to create something that’s not only beautifully designed, but effective.

    • We understand how the web works and what makes customers engage with brands online. Miko has been building websites since 1995. For you to get the value of your investment, you must be involved in the entire process.
    • We take a collaborative approach to our projects. Your input is absolutely key to the success of our project and we work around you, taking into account any guidelines you need us to adhere to.
    • We design websites assuming that you’re not going to want to keep coming back for extra assets all the time. We focus a lot on empowering you to take control of your website. Each project gets a full style guide which will enable you to make changes to your website on the fly without needing to hire a designer.
    • We only work with people who are as excited about their projects as we are about web design. You won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions here, just good old fashioned craftsmanship.

    About This Web Bible

    The Web Bible is an industry intuitive, consultive and collaborative process.

    It serves three purposes.

    1. To provide you with insight, education, resources and tools you can use to understand just what the fuck you’ve gotten yourself into here. After 27 years of using this process with clients, providing you with a clear step-by-step guide as to what it takes from you to achieve satisfaction, success, return on your investment and real, measurable business growth.
    2. It is an information gathering process for me. I use the Web Bibles to better understand you and your business so I can accurately make recommendations, make decisions during development, and have a single point of reference for your project during the life of our working relationship. While this process is a one time thing at the beginning of our relationship, the Bibles do become our fundamental source of knowledge about how we can deliver the best of ourselves in the work we do for you. Because once I evaluate, the Bibles make it easy for the team to manage any and all aspects of our work together, in a clear, centralised, unambiguous way.
    3. Accountability.

    The process of creating this Web Bible requires us to meet and discuss our work, but it requires you to do your homework. Do not shirk… it’s your money.

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